Great Cinema Hits, CD by Black Dyke Band

Great Cinema Hits

Item No.

Film music

Nicholas J. Childs
2003 – 2008

CD permanently out of stock. Music digitally available.
Music Sample
No. Track / Title Music Sample Sheet music
01Prologue (From "Hook")
02Back To The Future: Main Theme
03Dances With Wolves: Highlights
04The Best Of Bond
05Out Of Africa: Main Theme
06Mission Impossible: Main Theme
07Crimson Tide: Main Theme
08Hawaii Five-O: Main Theme
09Schindler's List: Main Theme
10Wild West! - The Best Of Ennio Morricone
11Rocky IV: War
12Forrest Gump: Feather Theme
13Rocky: Going The Distance – The Final Bell
14The Lion King (Medley)
15Everything I Do, I Do It For You from Robin Hood
16I Will Follow Him from Sister Act
17The Magnificent Seven: Main Theme
18633 Squadron: Main Theme
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«Great Cinema Hits» is a Brass Band CD by Obrasso. The CD was recorded 2003 – 2008 by Black Dyke Band and the conductor Nicholas J. Childs.

The music label Obrasso Records belongs to Obrasso Verlag from Switzerland. The Black Dyke Band has recorded a lot of music for Obrasso. The Sheet Music for Brass Band are available at Obrasso’s webshop.

All sound carriers are also available digitally on the popular portals of Apple, Amazon, Google, Spotify and other providers worldwide.


Heinrich Kolb
Super CD
Tabea Morse
Really nice, good songs, great sound