The Artistic Bb Cornet Soloist, Sheet Music for Brass Soloists (#18705)

The Artistic Bb Cornet Soloist

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Duet, Solo, Trio

Solo part
Bb Cornet (Solo)

Entertainment, Original Composition

easy - difficult

Obrasso Verlag

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Solo part The Artistic Bb Cornet Soloist ▷ Sheet Music for Brass Soloists

Solos for Bb Cornet

Carrickfergus (Traditional) • Solitaire (Sedaka & Cody) • Canto – based on a theme by Mozart (W. A. Mozart) • Craig Lea (Alan Fernie) • Only Love (Vladimir Cosma) • Fairytale (Alan Fernie) • Core ‘ngrato (Salvatore Cardillo) • Ave Maria (Giulio Caccini) • Bist Du bei mir (G. H. Stölzel) • The Nun’s Chorus (Johann Strauss) • Concerto For Cornet or Trumpet (Bellini) • Miss Blue Bonnet (Frank Simon) • Victory (H. L. Clarke) • The Ocean View (John Hartmann) • Lady Nairne – Air Varié (Alan Fernie) • The Maid Of The Mist (H. L. Clarke) • Variations In F (F. D. Weber) • Il Bacio – The Kiss (Luigi Arditi) • Una Voce Poco Fa (G. Rossini) • Il Crociato, Variations (G. Meyerbeer) • Fantasie & Variations – sur un thème allemande (J.-B. Arban) • Slavische Fantasie (Carl Höhne) • Concert Fantasia (Böhme) • Wiederkeht (Hartmann) • Pandora (Damaré) • Grand Russian Fantasia (Levy) • Wade In The Water (Traditional) • Zorita (Burke & Hubble) • La Virgen De la Macarena (Traditional) • Fantasy On Negro Spirituals (Traditional) • Napoli (Traditional) • Cry Me A River (Arthur Hamilton) • El Cumbanchero (R. Hernandez)

Duets for Bb Cornets

Spanish Fiesta (Donald Phillips) • Tyrolean Sounds (Traditional) • Somethin’ Stupid (Carson Parks) • Tell Him (David Foster) • As Long As He Needs Me (Lionel Bart) • Someone To Watch Over Me (George Gershwin) • The Impossible Dream (Mitch Leigh) • Tijuana Taxi (Herb Alpert)

Trios for Bb Cornets

Way Down Yonder In New Orleans (Creamer & Layton) • Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (Raye & Prince) • Las Chiapanecas (Traditional) • Bugler’s Holiday (Leroy Anderson) • Ein Schnaps (Baker & Stone) • Gallop For Three (Adam Hudec) • Dreaming Cornets (Marthaler & Walter)

2nd Edition

«The Artistic Bb Cornet Soloist» with the article no. 18705 is an extensive music book with solos, duets and trios for cornet in B flat soloists. The works are graded B - D (easy to difficult). All solos, duets and trios for Cornet in Bb are also available with a brass band, wind band or piano accompaniment. The music book «The Artistic Bb Cornet Soloist» is an extensive collection of Cornet in B literature and is perfect as an exercise book for at home.

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