The Greatest Musical Hits, CD by European Brass Bands

The Greatest Musical Hits

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Oberaargauer Brass Band, Desford Colliery Caterpillar Band, Black Dyke Band, Brighouse & Rastrick Band, Tredegar Town Band, Cory Band, Leyland Band
Music Sample
No. Track / Title Music Sample Sheet music
01Overture, Act. 1 - Phantom Of The Opera
02All I Ask Of You
03Seventy-Six Trombones (The Music Man)
04Singin' In The Rain
05Suite From Porgy And Bess: I'm On My Way
06Jesus Christ Superstar
07Fiddler On The Roof: If I Were A Rich Man
08Slaughter on Tenth Avenue
09Another Openin' Another Show
10My Fair Lady
11Puttin' On The Ritz
12Cats Highlights
13Cabaret - Selection From The Musical
14Wandrin' Star
15There's No Business Like Show Business (Annie Get Your Gun)
16America (West Side Story)
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«The Greatest Musical Hits» is a Brass Band CD by Obrasso. The CD was recorded 2008 by European Brass Bands.

The music label Obrasso Records belongs to Obrasso Verlag from Switzerland. The European Brass Bands has recorded a lot of music for Obrasso. The Sheet Music for Brass Band are available at Obrasso’s webshop.

All sound carriers are also available digitally on the popular portals of Apple, Amazon, Google, Spotify and other providers worldwide.